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About us - old version

Founded in 2018 by Shannon, Chailata pays homage to Korean culture whilst incorporating modern designs that represent the now.   
‘Chailata’ meaning “well done” in Korean. Our intention is to encourage a feeling of confidence and strength when wearing something special from the range.
Chailata is a jewellery brand that creates high quality, affordable pieces for minimalists that are searching for rare, timeless and everyday staples.   
 After continuously finding herself being unimpressed with low quality plated jewellery, Shannon set out to make the change herself.
After extensive research and exploring multiple gold plating techniques in factories in both Korea and China, Shannon found results she was ecstatic about and wanted to share this with her local community.
That is how Chailata was born. From humble beginnings at Glebe Markets in Sydney, to an online store with customers across the globe, Chailata is your everyday jewellery bestie.
We celebrate those mornings when you’re not quite ready for the sun to rise.
We celebrate the important work event where you need to impress.
We celebrate the anxiously awaited first dinner date.
We celebrate all the in-between moments.
These are the moments that when wearing Chailata jewellery,
you will feel 10/10…
even if you didn’t wake up feeling like it.  We’ve got you.
 Chailata is not just a brand. We are a community.
 We are equal parts inclusive and ethical, and above all we value what you value. 
Product quality is at the forefront of what we do. Our products are 100% gold plated, with an increased micron thickness which allows for an additional coating on all our pieces.   
 Our products cater to all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of adjustable ring sizes, as well as necklace and bracelet extensions across our range. 
Our products are ethically made by our trusted jewellery experts in Korea and China who enjoy above-standard working conditions.
We care deeply about being as sustainable as possible. That’s why our packaging is made from 100% recyclable cotton/paper.  
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